The Rhinefall song was born in 1963.


Georges Müller, music lover from Neuhausen am Rheinfall, spent some time drinking a glass of wine with his german friend Heinz Kriesinger, a composer, at the Rhine falls. During a lively discussion George Müller had the idea that the two could write a song to the Rhine falls together. "You compose the melody, I'll write the lyrics." was Georges Müller's suggestion to the composer, which was exited immediately.


No sooner said than done. The two startet working and some time later the Rhinefall song was born. Song by a baritone, accompanied by a piano, the song was recorded to audio tape.


Heinz Kriesinger died and the Rhinefall song lounged around in Georges Müller's drawer. 2008 he took the retrieved it, as he still liked it. He thought the composition was worth being brought to the public. By chance the video author Willi Waser heard from this song, so the two of them met to listen to it. Willi Waser was exited immediately and shared Müller's opinion, that the song needed rearrangement for a folk version. The lyrics also needed to be in Swiss German.


First of all Willi Waser added cinematic background scenes of the Rhine falls at night to the original film and sent a DVD to the music educationist Evelyne Leutwyler, who was ravished by it from the first note. She agreed on creating a choir version as well as translating the lyrics into Swiss German.


2011 Evelyne Leutwyler had the capacity for this task. September 2011 around 100 singers from all her musical formations met to perform the first release of the Rhinefall song. This was accompanied by two pianos.


George Müller attended this event and was overwhelmed by the new version.